Sunday, August 22, 2010

My love is...

Gentle parenting

My dear child, my love is never ending,
never failing
All transcending,
It is yours, both day and night,
My hugs and kisses,
Your basic right

If I'm busy or if I'm mad
My love for you is always there
To keep you happy, content and glad
At home, in public and anywhere

The clock, my schedule, does not dictate
the hours I choose to demonstrate
 the affection for the fruit of my womb
The endless amount of time I spend gazing at you

From my bedside, in my sling
Stroking, humming and some singing
from dusk till dawn 
I have drawn 
close to you, 
just to watch you yawn

Outragious, audacious people they say
'Put the child down, lest he get spoiled I say!'
I give no ear, and I turn away
Who is it that cares for this baby anyway!

It is me, it is I
My job and my pride
I look in my bed every night, and right there beside me
out like a light
a precious little creature, an infant serene,
asleep near my heart, 
nothing more valuable to me

I say to all mothers
Keep that child close
For tomorrow he's big and leaving the house

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