Sunday, August 8, 2010

International Babywearing Week 2010

Boy o Boy! Aruba is bustling this year with many maternal-child activities!

Just two-and-a-half months ago, Pro Lechi Mama Aruba celebrated breastfeeding by organizing a walk! A special twist was that babywearing parents could help raise funds by walking with their babies in a carrier of their choice. It was an utter success and even our Minister of Health, Dr. Richard Visser, was present along with his complete ministry of health and sports. How privileged we were!

Coming up in October, the first Saturday of the month, we'll be celebrating World Breastfeeding Week (again!) with our annual Quintessence breastfeeding challenge! Inviting ALL breastfeeding mothers to come and show their support and love for breastfeeding by nursing in public.

Something else very special and dear to my heart is babywearing. This year will be the firs year that Aruba will officially participate in the International Babywearing Week! I have some plans and am collaborating with another party to bring something cool and thought provoking!

Stay tuned for more updates on International Babywearing Week October 6-12 2010!

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