Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is breastfeeding bothersome?

Today, at our press conference for the launching of Pro Lechi Mama's website , a journalist asked our vice president a question.

"Is breastfeeding bothersome?"

Now, you know what annoyed me was that question

Perhaps he asked it with the intention of our v.p. refuting it passionately, or maybe he really felt that breastfeeding is annoying. Whatever the case, our vice president, Minouche, answered quite thoughtfully.

"No, it's not. Compared to having to get up, make bottles, sterilizing nipples, walking around with hot water in your baby bag, and paying for a substance you can make for free, no, breastfeeding isn't bothersome."

Well, it isn't in my book either. But the reason why I got irked was because that question is making breastfeeding look like this out-of-the-world-act and that only superwomen pull it off. Granted, we don't have buttons on or by our breasts like a smith and dorlas coffee machine, but lactating comes without a hitch really. It's not annoying to the point that women feel it's much better to just pump. Sure, sometimes it can feel inconvenient at times when you rather just sleep, or really want to go out tripping for more than 4 hours without pumping, but then again, sometimes having to pee is an annoying bodily function, especially if there isn't a bathroom anywhere near me. You don't see women walking around with catheters, do you? It's just something you accept and deal with accordingly. Breastfeeding is the same. Sure, it comes with some changes in circumstances, but these are not new. Perhaps if we adjusted our expectations to be somewhat more reasonable, our mothers and the people around them wouldn't be so quick to deem breastfeeding as "bothersome"

Food for thought...

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