Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I use a cover because your mother never taught you not to stare

I was browsing google images for breastfeeding photos and I can't help but notice how many pictures I came across of mothers using a nursing cover.

Covers are cool. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns. and like a good sling, I love to have many many different colors. I used to cover myself when I nursed. I have my reasons, and they were mine. I certainly don't feel that a woman must use the covers to nurse or else excuse herself to a private corner or room. Actually, I think that women should feel more free to nurse without one. But think about it, how many women use their hooter hider because people can't seem to stop staring. I, who love to watch breastfeeding mothers keep my stares brief and always make sure to flash the nursing mom a smile and give her a thumbs up. I don't mind people watching me, but staring , is a different matter. It's not about breastfeeding, or showing nipples or breasts, it's about people looking at your every move. Quite frankly, it makes me nervous. If I'm working or writing, or just zoning out, I hate it when people stare at me. I think it irks a lot of other mothers too.

So please, even if you find the sight of  a nursing mother to be tender and loving, keep your glances brief. Your mother always taught you that it was impolite to stare...

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