Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A good word is better than fine gold

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we just got back from our yearly convention in Curacao. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I attend these three day conventions with much eagerness and anticipation. All of us go. At these conventions you see many peoples from all walks of life. Single people, married childless couples, single parents, and whole families. If you luck out, you'll see a lot of babies too. Depending on the culture and country, you may either see many strollers, or slings. In curacao there was a mess of strollers. Close to the door was a section reserved for families who chose to sit close to the door in case the baby or toddler threw a screaming fit and could not be consoled quickly in the main hall. Young kids are just like that, and Jehovah's witnesses know this and thus show consideration to these parents by giving them preference on these seats.

Of course, being at a convention all day long, a baby is bound to get hungry many times. This too, depending on culture, you'll either see many bottles (such as was the case in Curacao) or many quiet babies cuddled near their mamas. I was so happy and alert to watch out for any breastfed babies. And to my success, I saw one on the first day!

She was the only mother who nursed. She nursed in the main auditorium, in the side room, with a cover, without a cover, before the break, after the break and anytime in between. I was so proud to see her nursing an older baby (not toddler, just an older infant).So much so that on the last day, I could not contain my happiness.

I took my notebook, ripped a piece of paper out and wrote the following;

"I think that you breastfeeding your baby is something very beautiful. Never feel ashamed to nurse anywhere, anytime"

I folded it up, and hurried across to her seat, slipped her the note and rushed back to my seat for the beginning of the program. She got up to leave before the program was done but as she was going, she came to me, grabbed my arm tightly, to show her feeling, and whispered in my ear , "Thank you for your advice"
My heart sang.

If only I could slip all mothers who nurse in public a hand-written thank-you note I would

Can you do the same for any mom you may see nursing in public? They surely appreciate it!


  1. I think I am going to write up notes to have stashed. I've seen 2 moms nursing recently and didn't have anything with me.

  2. 人生就像一顆核桃,必須敲破它,才會顯出他的內容。......................................................