Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby wearing around the world part 2

To further highlight the ridiculousness of 'carrying your baby, spoils your baby'

Stunning and insightful pictures of women from all over the globe, doing just that...

These women have probably never heard of hip dysplasia or spondylolisthesis, 
 And yet, if you look at each and every photo, the baby is properly wrapped or slinged on the mother's body, with the fabric extending under the child's knee, which promotes proper spinal and hip development in the baby/toddler. 

These women work, walk, talk, travel long distances, day and night with their babies on their bodies. One may argue that it's only done that way because strollers and cars are not readily available in such places, but the fact remains that, these same slingbabies, cry less, learn more, and grow up to be good citizens of their communities 





















And then when you get to Europe, America, and Aruba, you see this.....



  1. Awesome pictures!! if you go to my profile and FB photo page you can see my "Congo" folder- I have several photos of daily life in the congo - all with women carrying their babies. In the Congo a baby is never put down until they are about 6 months old!!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love how simple some of the cloths are that can carry a baby. You don't need anything too special really, do you?