Saturday, January 2, 2010

Becoming a mother - Part Two

What is it with people...

I had a child at a pretty young age, just 19. I know many many girls I went to elementary and high school with that also had kids. Some grew up and became responsible mothers, and unfortunately, some did not. Having said such, when certain people make sly remarks or comments about how I've changed or influenced (for the better) another young mother, it irks me. Really, what in your opinion, should I have done differently? Perhaps throw the kid on my mom, get another life, continuing with my tripping and living shortsightedly as if tomorrow would never come? Never read anything on parenting, breastfeeding, becoming active in breastfeeding advocacy ( of which it really annoys the heck out of certain ones for some unexplained reason), or better myself as a mother or person? Maybe live the 'life' you are living? Was it more fit that I do that?

With certain decisions, be it good or bad ones, come consequences and responsibilities. I owned up to my mistakes and stood on my own two feet - supported or not. I took a bad situation and turned it into a heck of a good one. I am only 21, but the lessons I've learned, be it the hard way, you have yet to hear about.

Which brings me to another peeve. People, whom you have NEVER spoke to about things you are passionate about. Take for example, breastfeeding. Since giving birth to my daughter, I fell more and more in love with breastfeeding. Convinced more women need the education and support to continue, I joined Aruba's only non-profit breastfeeding organization to help parents and moms-to-be. Some people have taken issue with this. People who cannot even lactate. What is your trip? Are you afraid of me bombarding you with unsolicited breastfeeding propaganda? I don't sit and converse at length with the grapevine about your excessive tripping.... I'm not a dog that you let into the house under the condition I don't chew up your furniture. Do me a favor and click IGNORE please


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