Monday, January 18, 2010

The H-phenomenon in bedsharing

Ah.... Bedsharing... I love it. To cuddle up with your baby/toddler/older child at night and smell their hair and skin and caress their fat cheeks. I love it. If we spent the whole or half day apart, or if we spent the whole day together, I still love seeing you crawl into my arms and say 'Dodo, dodo' (sleep, sleep).

Which brings me to the H-phenomenon. Ok. You got mommy on one end, and daddy on the other end. Baby in the middle. Things start out fine and then somewhere in the middle of the night, things start looking like this (below)

I don't mind it, but the thing is, guess who's getting the kicking? Dada

Ah... bedsharing... even so I won't quit you! <3

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