Thursday, January 14, 2010

H1N1 in Aruba

  "White and Yellow Cross begins today with the second round of H1N1 immunization! "                                                

It's a 'global epidemic' that has swept all corners of the globe. Worse yet is the sensationalism behind it. Big Pharma companies in cohoots with Big Brother, have been pushing this vaccine left, right, up and down everywhere. Not to be excluded is Aruba. Although, someone from 'the inside' has told me that the Aruban people are generally not trusting of the vaccine and those most as risk (e.g. pregnant women, babies, CARA patients, older people) are not turning up for their innoculations (including yours truly and my 2-year-old, both asthma patients). They then go one to say, "no way my kids are getting that vaccine"... Yah.. You know who else said that? President Barack Obama, Dr. Oz, and countless other doctors who are refusing to vaccinate their families.

If people are afraid of contracting H1N1, then some are even more so of its vaccine. Heck, I'm one of them. There are no long term studies done on these vaccines, and personally, I don't feel like being a guinea pig either. You can keep your mercury, your formeldahyde and your spermicide...

Btw, the White and Yellow cross from the picture above is the organization in Aruba that oversees the general health and development of all of Aruba's babies and older kids. Babies and children with special needs are directed to a pediatrician.  

If you are interested in knowing which vaccine brand Aruba uses, it is called Pandemrix. Go here to see its exact contents and make an informed decision for yourself

Actual H1N1 vaccine box

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