Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Families that slept together, are kept together

"Families that slept together, are kept together " 

When a baby is born unto a couple, bedsharing (in some cases) arises. It's safe to say that this is natural and whenever possible, should be the norm but what about bedsharing between siblings? That was the thought that crossed my mind the other day.

My little sister was born when I was 6 and a half-years-old. When she was two, her crib came into my room. One night, my little sister woke up crying, and without hesitating, I picked her up out of the crib (a big feat for a skinny 8-year-old) and I put her beside me in the bed. I jokingly tell everyone how that was the end of that. She never slept anywhere else! This felt good to me. It was natural to me to bring my little sister next to me to sleep. I don't think I ever slept in my parents bed, but I know for a certainty that my mother bedshared with her parents until a very very big age, somewhere around the teen years. Now that is something. When nighttime came, my mother's parents would say to her "Ok, go bathe and get in your bed (meaning their bed)". In any case, bedsharing was my first instinct.

A quick click on Google and you'll get a lot of hits on co-sleeping siblings. Reports ranging from a decrease in sibling rivalry and quarreling, to feelings of brotherly love between siblings chatting at night in bed before falling asleep. 

Do your older children share sleep? I have some friends whose children do! What beautiful serene looking children

Thank you to Enith Hernandez and Laura Bilbo for these beautiful pictures

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