Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Healthy spinal development for the slingbaby

Recently, I've been very involved with slings and helping moms try them out and figuring out how to use them. I've had the privilege of seeing many moms, some of them, 2nd and 3rd time moms who've never used pouch or ring sling before, get into it and absolutely love it. The way their face lights up when they feel relieved that they can still have that closeness and warmth that carrying a baby gives but still get things done in and out of the home is priceless. A question or concern I hear a lot from mothers is that the baby looks 'tight' or squeezed in. I get asked if that position is really ok for the baby. I gently remind the moms that when baby was in utero, he was accustomed to that warm, dark and tight environment and grew to love it, and that now that he lives in a world with bright lights, cold surfaces and open spaces, anytime you re-create the 'feel' of the womb, the baby almost immediately settles down, and either goes to sleep or goes into a state of quiet-alertness. To further emphasize on the benefits of having your baby in an appropriate pouch or ring sling, or wrap, or ergo carrier, here is something note worthy to look found at Babes in arms on Facebook.

If you are an expectant mom, or a seasoned pro and would like to start wearing your baby, you may be wondering which type suites you best. It is not specifically necessary to go out and buy all of the carriers on the market and do it by trial and error. If you go to the Babes in arms website, they give an extensive review of which carrier you can buy and try out. Sometimes though, it may be necessary to try out the carriers of your friends of which you don't have or are planning to buy if at all possible. Contrary to popular belief, there are only benefits to baby wearing, both for the parent and the baby. So check it out and give it a try!

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