Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Ellevill's models make me want to buy their wraps

Ever since seeing the Ellevill wrap giveaway on Marvelous Kiddo, I have been practically obsessed with this brand I'd never heard of. As many of my friends and readers already know, I am obsessed with baby carries, in particular, wraps.

As I perused through Ellevill's website, not only did the plethora of colors and the sensations of textures jump out at me, what I especially noticed were the models and their chosen surroundings. Unlike the wrap/sling modeling mannequin, Ellevill's models are beautifully made up, and most wear heels and exceptionally trendy outfits. Their fantasy filled scenarios simply complement their luscious looking wraps and make you want to snatch them up even quicker. Their photo shoot scenes have inspired me to jazz up my carrier shoots as well. Take a look at some of my favorite shots.

I like how the models and the scenes are very unusual and the fashion is pronounced. It just makes their wraps bolder and makes the colors pop

The only critique that came up in my mind as I browsed their selection was the fact that there was no ethnic diversity in their moms & babies. There were also zero nursing pictures. Besides these points, I found no qualms with Ellevill.

Now... which one do I choose?!?!

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  1. I really understand...I have the same question - which one do I choose? ...carry with pride... =)