Monday, January 17, 2011

The post I don't want to write and that no one wants to read, hear or talk about

It's happened again.

Before you think I'm pregnant, pause a second and read.

No, I'm not pregnant.

Hello. My name is Wendy. I am a 22-year-old divorced mother of one. Sheesh

I have become a single parent for the second time around. There, I said it. There are things in my life that I do keep private, such as the reason for me divorcing my husband of just 1,5 years (who is not the father of my child.) What I rather discuss are the implications it will have for me and my daughter. As many of my readers already know, I have already been a single parent at the beginning of my daughter's life, and although those were some tough times, it taught me to be proud of being a strong woman not co-dependent of a male for happiness.

I was a young barely teen mom (19 years to be exact). I birthed my daughter vaginally and breastfed her for over a year while working full-time. Although having a child at a very young age isn't a good choice, it doesn't mean that the outcome must be negative. I pride myself on turning my life around and making a success out of a bad situation.

Then, the cherry on the cake was when despite all odds, I married a wonderful man. Well, things obviously didn't turn out so wonderful after all and once again I find myself in the single-parent boat ( me and Single Dad Laughing should start a forum X_X )

I don't doubt my capability and ability to raise my daughter on my own. I know it's not the easiest task on earth, but I do know for a certainty that it is the most rewarding. I can only hope things work out in the future. No matter what reason there is for a divorce, whether it is necessary or not, they will remain painful. I'm grateful for the support and understanding I got from my family ( from parents married only once and for nearly 30 years!) and for those who dropped me like a dirty sock because of not knowing the details behind the divorce and assuming the worst, I say, so be it ( what did Eminem say to Debbie in his track'Without me' ? )

I'm a young, energetic 22-year-old with a lot on her plate, I wonder what's next for me, maybe retirement at 35, and menopause at 40?

For those who found the comical picture inappropriate, I have just one thing to say. I ran out of tissue to wipe my nose in, so I have just one option left - laugh

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