Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ode to my nursling

It's the way they gaze into each other's eyes, a stare that knows no comparison in tenderness, like a complete relenting and yielding to the love that flows between mother and child, flowing freely like the milk from ones' mother's breasts.

Nursling, Nursling,  O Nursling of mine. Won't you come for a sip tonight? It's late, and we're sleepy, but who's watching the time?
You sleep next to me, I sleep next to you. In my arms and near my heart is the spot I hold solely for you
You wake, you slumber, you nurse one cue, this is how us nursing moms do
We awake in the morning feeling fresh as the dew, not worrying if you nursed much or if you nursed few
You go on with your day, and I go on with mine, confident in the fact that mommy is there both in the day and during the nighttime
I treasure these moments not because I have to, but because in the blink of an eye, you'll grow up and I'll miss you
Love and cherish your nurslings, O mothers, all of you, for these moments are transient and far too few

On the bus, and on the train
During the sunshine and in the rain
On the beach, or on the streets
My dear mommy, can I have a treat?
Yes you can, my dear child, would you like some candy in a while?
No my momma, candy I refuse
Your milk is what I both love and use
In my tummy, straight to my bones, don't you know mum mums taste better than 10 ice cream cones!
O my dear child, whether together or apart, mama's milk will always come from her heart

Dear little brother, born just last night, do you know what makes me drift off to sleep so tight?
Dear little brother, come take a sip, mommy's milk is good, it makes you strong so you won't get sick
Dear little brother, are you nearly done? I'm worried I will get none!
Dear big sister, mommy says baby first, she let's me drink when I'm hungry, and also to quench my thirst
Dear big sister, now it's your turn! Let's drink together, from you I will learn!
My dear little nurslings, don't worry, everyone will get enough! Mama's milk is full of good stuff!
My dear little nurslings, share you must, nursing together fosters love, happiness, and builds trust

Father, father, O father of mine, you cradle me in your arms all the time 
Some people say, it's only mommy that holds me all day! But silly they are, if they only knew, what would they say!
When mommy is resting, you and I play, when mommy is nursing, you help right away!
If I whine or whimper, you rush to my side, if I'm thirsty or hungry, to mama's breasts you lay me by
You love and protect me, both day and night,
You are there both when I sleep and when I rise
Who is a daddy, a daddy like mine? Both loving and caring all of the time!

A gentle caress, to dispel all your stress, like milk from my breast, we both take a rest
It's easy and simple and natural to do, nursing is normal , you can do it too!
Awake or asleep, at night I will keep, offering the breast until you drift back to sleep
No worries, no fears, even at night my mommy is right there
An arm's reach away, both dark and day, why should I cry, right here I will stay
My instincts guide me, like this I was made, created so perfectly despite what others think or say

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