Friday, April 9, 2010

Babywearing Classes

I've been giving babywearing classes these past months and it's only until now I got around to posting pictures about it. Yesterday we enjoyed a private class with just one couple, of which the dad was very excited to try out different carriers. We arrange for one hour of "theory" and another of "practice", but it usually ends up being much longer because the parents are often very anxious to get their hands on the various carriers there.

First half of the class - Info & Theory

Noortje explaining how Babywearing Aruba came into existence

We esteem the pictures our local babywearers send in to us and we include them in our classes (keep 'em coming!)

We offer private classes too

A big focus of our classes is pictures that help the parents to learn how to identify incorrect positioning

Clearly, our clients enjoy the second half a lot! It's sling meet time!

Besides giving babywearing classes and providing general education about the proper and safe use of slings and wraps, we offer a sling rental service that allows the parents to rent any carrier they'd prefer testing out for a few weeks before committing to buying one. The carriers we have thus far are:

  • Didymos Aqua Waves Size 6
  • Didymos Eva Size 5
  • Arawak Mums Mei tai
  • Maya wrap ring sling in black
  • Slinglings Pouch sling blue/green paisley
  • Arawak Mums pouch sling pink & purple flowers
  • Arawak Mums pouch sling cotton stretch pink flowers
  • Tricotslen stretchy newborn wrap dark blue
  • Metal Frame backpack carrier (Can't remember which brand right now) black and grey

We will soon have an Ergo & Water mesh sling/wrap. For more information, visit our Facebook Fan Page, Babywearing Aruba, and contact us 

Lastly, we offer private in-home consults, sell Arawak Mums carriers, and aid in the ordering of slings/wraps online either from the U.S. or The Netherlands (whichever is most convenient for the client)

Because Babywearing Aruba is a fledgling business, we kindly accept donations in monetary form and donations of baby carriers, new and used. Please contact Wendy Martijn on Facebook if you have any carriers sitting around collecting dust, and would like to donate it to for the specific use of furthering the education and preservation of babywearing on the island of Aruba. 

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