Monday, April 26, 2010

Fundacion Pro Lechi Mama Aruba, what do we do?

                                          Board members from left to right;
Minouche L, (former) Jonnie T, Xochi W, Sharine H, Caroll K, Wendy M, Ruschlenda M, (missing Noortje v. P, Marieke v/d L, )     

Fundacion Pro Lechi Mama Aruba is a non-profit non-governmental organization, or NGO, founded in January of 2002. We have as mission to Empower women through education and practical support to breastfeed for the recommended minimum of 2 years, with the first 6 of those being exclusively by mother's milk. We also have as mission to provide our community as a whole with correct breastfeeding information and to educate health care providers. We are an organization of humble means and work solely with volunteers, with zero income. Our passion for breastfeeding and for lending support to mother's is the driving force behind our volunteer work. Many times we spend hours by a new mom trying to fix a problem to get the breastfeeding dyad back on track. Our three main activities of dispensing information and lending practical support are accomplished by the following;

Help Line: Moms or anyone looking for information about breastfeeding are free to call any of our help lines. New mothers experiencing breastfeeding trouble are urged to call or have your health care provider contact us via one of the three phone numbers available 24/7. We try our utmost to resolve certain problems by phone

House Visits:  For problems our issues requiring 'hands-on' assistance, we go to the mother's home and give practical support, a listening ear and many times, a shoulder to cry on. I must admit that even though house visits are the most energy taxing, they are also the most enjoyable and satisfying part of the job when a mom overcomes her obstacle and calls you to let you know how they did it!

Monthly breastfeeding support groups: A very popular and well received part of Pro Lechi Mama's activities are the breastfeeding support groups. Most of the times we see many expectant parents visiting us and listening in. We encourage peer counseling and active participation from our parents that are present and welcome the exchange of opinions, support, and the forging of close bonds. These are held once a month, usually on the third Thursday of the month. Why don't you join us sometime?

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  1. Ta great loke boso ta hasiendo pa mamanan di Aruba! Sigi asina! :) Un La Leche League Leader na Merca, naci na Aruba.