Monday, December 7, 2009

You didn't think an islander with two cents of common sense wouldn't get in it, did you?

After a few days 'offline' and not reading up on blogosphere news, to my (somewhat) horror, I met up with what can be rightly called a blogosphere 'war'.It's not so much the content of what was being disputed, but the sheer amount of comments and blog replies that left me looking like these kids on your right. Being a fan of Jill from the Unnecesarean, I am and will continue to be biased in favor of what she's got to say. It started with Jill's post on convincing white women that birth is painless will end 'race suicide'. Scroll down and once again, to my horror, 141 comments. And some lovely ones by none other than, Dr. Amy Teuter. Another post from Jill, elicited more controversy, Stuff white people like : Talking about birth. At least that post has but a mere 59 comments in which Dr. Amy couldn't help but put it out there some more.

Then, Reality Rounds got her rap on with a Kanye West inspired tune

During all this time, Mom's tinfoil hat was cooking up a three part response , one,   twothree which I must say, left me thinking, I need to group all these women together some day and get them down here to talk some sense into some Aruban people.

and finally, Rixa at Stand and Deliver was/is trying her best not to get entangled in it all. You go girl, I'll stand on the side and watch. 

Interested in starting your own blog thread? If so, please follow chart below. For more heated arguments, remember to include anything Dr. Teuter opposes and speak as if you wield authority over her, I'd suggest beginning with home birth

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