Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anochi Informativo @ Praktijk Duna Lus

Tomorrow evening is the long awaited and much anticipated "Anochi Informativo" at the midwifery practice Duna Lus situated at Neptunestraat 10. Taking place from 5:00 pm through 9:00 pm. Just like at the last "information night", there will be many pregancy and birth related stalls, ranging from Childbirth Education classes, to Hypnobirthing, homeopathy in pregnancy and birth and of course, information from Aruba's one and only non-profit breastfeeding organization Fundacion Pro Lechi Mama Aruba. Last but certainly not least, my dear friend and practicing midwife of the duo-midwifery practice, Xochi Woorts and Ruschlenda Martijn will elaborate and demonstrate all the services they have to offer their clients in providing a secure and happy birth.

If you're pregnant or even planning on becoming pregnant, plan on attending!

Here are some photos of the last event held at Duna Lus


Ruschlenda Martijn explaining the process of natural labor and birth


Xochi Woorts offers ultrasounds at her practice


Aruba's only midwifery practice offering the option for a home Waterbirth

Along with hydrotherapy, Duna Lus offers alternative pain relief such as the TENS Machine 

Alfredo Velasquez offers Hypnobirthing       

Dr Carlos Viana offers homeopathy during pregnancy and beyond

Minouche Lopez CCBE, Certifying LC is here representing Aruba's only non-profit breastfeeding organization namely, Fundacion Pro Lechi Mama Aruba. Tomorrow's upcoming event, Minouche Lopez will be representing her Childbirth Education classes

A fun closing to an informative night! A couple wins one of the prizes and the night has been a success! 

Plan on Attending tomorrow evening and leave completely informed of services that can make your pregnancy more joyful! I'll be there representing Pro Lechi Mama Aruba, see you tomorrow!

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