Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's at it again

Yesterday, Cesareanepidemic had a wonderful blog post, which was entitled, an open letter to "Dr" Amy Tuteur. For those who live under a rock, Dr. Tuteur was an ob/gyn and is currently a staunch opposer of home birth, birth advocates, and organizations that support and encourage natural birth such as Lamaze International. She is the birth's world own Bill O'Reilley.

In her letter, Cesareanepidemic asserted with confidence and truth the reality about America's maternity care system. She asked Dr. Amy for her 'thoughts and opinions' on " The amount of women and babies that are being subjected to unnecessary cesarean sections, early cesarean sections, complications from cesarean sections in post partum periods, as well as in future pregnancies." And also about "the premature birth rates which are being increased by not only cesarean sections before 40 weeks gestation, but the amount of labor inductions taking place also. Whether for medical or non medical reasons. Shouldn't there be stricter guidelines in these practices to help ensure lower premature babies, or lower neo natal death rates since our country is ranking horribly in that?"

You see, Dr. Tuteur employs a good strategy, which goes kinda like this :  home birth - oppose- home birth -oppose by any means necessary - home birth- slander - more outrageous issues such as the above mentioned -ignore - non-medical and unnecessary interventions - disregard -  ridiculous c/section rates - turn a blind eye

When you scroll down to the comments (often place that Mrs. Tuteur surfaces and attacks) , all she rants about is a handful of twisted and misconstrued studies on home birth, midwives and oh not to mention her latest fancy, The horrifying death toll of home birth in Colorado.

One of the letter's intentions was to elicit somewhat of a response from this dubious doctor about other ailments in the system. Of course, she could not oblige. It's like beating a dead horse. The horse is dead, it ain't gonna budge. Even when some of the other women who commented tried to venture into one of Tuteur's "valid points", she refused to elaborate. What else is new.

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