Friday, February 4, 2011

Say Hello To Ellevill Zara TriGreen!

I get as giddy as a school girl that just saw the Backstreet boys when I look at the wrap that's Aruba bound to my collection of carriers! I want you to say hello to the Ellevill Zara TriGreen cotton woven wrap!

Here is an excerpt from the Ellevill about this beautiful Wrap

"The new fantastic Zara tricolor.
Beautiful and fresh design with green, blue and brown. Woven wrap from ellevill, fits all seasons. Zara is made of 100 % cotton of best quality. Zara wraps are designed by ellevill and produced in India
. It is a three-coloured, jacquard woven wrap with pattern. Give perfect support to your child, both small and toddler, optimal comfort and gives no pressure spots for either child or adult. The wrap is thin but fantastic steady. It also softens very quickly. The pattern is inspired by old Norwegian knitting recipes and clothes/rugs from South America
Zara is easy to tie on because of the lopsided ends and leaves an incredible small knot. 
Wash before use in hot water and iron after wash to stretch fibres. 

I really love woven wraps, and I had been wanting to buy another one since my Didymos Eva is a size 5. For mothers of my height/weight/body structure, it's best to use a size 6 or longer to be able to do all the knots (like the wonderful wrap cross carry on the back)

The not so fun part of a new woven wrap
is how stiff it is when it's brand new. I suggest that whenever possible, buy a second-hand wrap. My very knowledgeable and experienced babywearing friend, Noortje, (who introduced me to wraps) taught me that trick. By the time I met her, her Didymos was a soft piece of sheer luxury, but she explained very well to me what it took to get to that point. A lot of companies recommend washing it frequently to soften it up (don't you just love that about the wrap, pop it in and out of the washer just like that) but Noortje had more in mind. She told me that to get to that soft feel only wraps can grant you, throw it on your couch, sit on it, lay on it, let your baby/toddler play with it, drag it all over, stretch it, tug it, basically "mistreat" it (I say "mistreat" because of all things you wouldn't imagine paying at least 150$ for a wrap only to end up dragging it all over the floor on your home)

What's your favorite brand of wraps? How long did it take you to gets yours soft, do you have any additional tips for softening it up?

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