Friday, March 11, 2011

Felt Cookies and Cupcakes ~ My new found love

Felt - a substance I had only dealt with in my early school years. A material I dreaded as I never found arts and crafts to be enjoyable. Odd eh? And now, at 22 years of age, it's as if my creative and girly side has kicked in and I want to sew everything in sight.

My latest project is felt cookies and cupcakes, obviously because cookies are the easiest to make. I told myself that I am making felt foodies for two primary reasons;

  1. As a hobby, to relax and enjoy myself while I make them
  2. For my 3-year-old daughter to play with in her kitchen

The first time I sat down and made something, I think  I ended up being more stressed out and frustrated at my lack of creativity and dexterity than I had fun with it. For some reason, I did not look up tutorials right away and decided to 'wing it'. Bad idea. The first cookie, donut, and cupcake turned out..well.. interesting. The second night though, I decided to look up what a blanket stitch was and how to make pleats, and general cute cookie & cupcake ideas. Let me say this, if I'm gonna be making this improvement each subsequent time I sit down and make foodies, I will be a felt cookie and cupcake MASTER in no time. I was pretty proud of what I produced yesterday seeing that I am a void of artfulness and workmanship. 

You know what I loved most? 

When I handed my daughter her presents, she was overjoyed. The sheer thrill on her face when she looked at them. It made me feel good that she loved them even though they weren't sewn perfectly, or measured or cut precisely. Maybe I can learn to enjoy gifts more if I stopped looking at anything that's amiss and just love the gift itself.

My next felt creation? Pizza, hopefully some sushi, and a sandwich!

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