Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So you bought a sling, now what?

You've finally gotten the sling you chose and you're eager to give it a go! But when you get the sling in your hands, you realize quickly "I don't know how to use it!" So what do you do then? Did you know that Aruba is home to a business named CariBirth who's owner is a babywearing educator? Someone specialized in giving classes and teaching women to practice the art of safe babywearing? Did you know that she visits you in the comfort of your home at the hour that's convenient for you, the day you desire and spends her time until you feel comfortable in using your new carrier. She's also the only person on Aruba that owns such a vast variety of carriers on the market and let's you pick and choose which one you'd like to rent before you commit to buying an unfamiliar carrier. She has both in depth knowledge and personal experience in babywearing and still wears her 3-year-old daughter. She has given lectures, classes and has been the first woman to officially start up and provide a place where women can learn more about and become confident and skilled babywearers. Why not give CariBirth's Wendy Maduro a call at 593-4444 or email at, and make your appointment for your own personal at home babywearing consult. Stop worrying and start babywearing!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I love your classes! I know now so many woman who you have helpt to carry their baby's safe and comfortable! Your a passionate woman with lots of knowledge witch you love to share with others! I know all good you do will come back to you!
    I advice every new mother (or mother to be) to take a class at CariBirth! After that you'll know how to wear your baby, witch carrier fits your best and how to keep your baby comfortable and safe!!
    Warm regards Noortje