Sunday, November 21, 2010

Breastfeeding Beauties

You know what I especially love about this Breastfeeding Beauty? Is that she sat and nursed her 4th child ( and 4th breastfed babe) in front of her friend, friend's 10-year-old daughter, her own daughter, two young sons and their friend. She did it with the most ease and nonchalance. I couldn't help but think what good she was doing for everyone around her, exposing these little ones to the natural progression of a pregnancy - lactation. Enjoy

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  1. My question is whats wrong with breast feeding in front of children, there is nothing wrong with that all, children should be able to see the natural way of feeding a baby and they should know that milk doesn't always come from the grocery store. It's healthy for the baby and should be explained that breast are for feeding, it was stupid people that turned what is natural into something sexual now a woman can't feed her hungry baby at the mall or on the bus because some pervert or some super law person screwed it up, if people was smart if they kept their thoughts to them selves we wouldn't have other sexual crimes or problems, I'm a man and when a woman exposes her breast for the moment of feeding her baby I turn away cause that is her business and plus that bonding mom has with her baby should never be looked on as sexual only a sick perverted mind would think of sex when a woman breast feeds in public.