Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eats on Feets ~ Aruba!

If you don't live, eat and breathe Facebook, or have been living under a rock then you probably have not heard of EOF Global, or "Eats on Feets". This amazing, far-reaching movement started with just one thought, taken over by an amazing woman and just exploded in what will probably be one of the biggest movements in milk-sharing in history since the wet nurse.

Where did the name "Eats on Feets" come from?

(The original Eats On Feets Creator)
"I started this page (the original EOF page) after receiving a phone call from a mom who was desperate to find breast-milk for her newborn. I posted her needs on Facebook and the response was immediate and fantastic. I thought it would be awesome if there were a page dedicated to milk sharing and tribe nursing.

So, this is a networking page for moms to share and receive milk when needed. I am not responsible for milk sharing results or content shared by other posters.

And a note of caution; KNOW THY SOURCE. While it is true that tribe feeding offers MANY benefits, there is ALWAYS the risk of disease/contamination.

I support many causes and movements but in the spirit of keeping the site as focused as possible status updates are specific to milk sharing."
With Shell's approval, Eats On Feets GLOBAL was initiated by Shell's good friend Emma Kwasnica. It's hub is on the FB page INFORMED CHOICE : BIRTH AND BEYOND. Safe mother to mother milk sharing is part of INFORMED CHOICE for today's childbearing/-rearing women!

I'd seen the EOF (Eats on Feets) movement bubbling days before November 7th 2010 (the day EOF went Live) and I didn't quite get it, that is... before I logged on to my Facebook and was blown away by this massive happening. I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and contacted Emma letting her know I wanted to open up a chapter in Aruba. She was thrilled to add the first part of the Caribbean to EOF Global's list of Worldwide chapters! I can only hope my sister islands also follow suit.

Are you an Aruban breastfeeding mama with a desire to donate your milk to another baby in need? Visit our FB fan page- Eats on Feets ~ Aruba - to look for a recipient now! Or perhaps you are a mom in need of breast milk for your baby, put your request on the wall and find a donor near you!

I leave you now with a tidbit about EOF on Youtube

Have more questions about Eats on Feets? Visit our FAQ page and find out!

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