Friday, September 3, 2010

Forget a plate, I need a buffet to fit all the things I gotta do on it

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You know the feeling you get when you talk to a person, and they keep inundating you with information ( irrelevant, useless and quotidian information at that) and when the conversation is finally done, you feel like your head is spinning as if you just spun 56 times on a chair? Yeah. That's how I felt when I sat down and looked at the upcoming month. It didn't hit me until my mom asked me how my day went. I then proceeded to explain how hectic the upcoming week would be at work (accounting at one of Aruba's biggest wholesalers) because my colleague is going in for surgery and I'll be handling the accounting for not ONE business, but TWO. If that wasn't bad enough, I've been invited to give my quarterly breastfeeding & Babywearing lecture at Prana this coming week, smack dab in the middle of the week.

My mom was overwhelmed just hearing about it. She exclaimed "Wendy! You got a lot on your plate!" to which I answered, "Forget a plate, I need A PLATTER!"

So why am I so gosh darn busy this coming month? What? Didn't you hear that Aruba is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week in the 40th week of the year?? It's gonna be huge

First up, this coming week Pro Lechi Mama has a board meeting to finalize the last details for our 2nd annual International Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge! I also have to finish translating our project dossier into English this weekend.

Tuesday I have spiritual meetings at the Kingdom Hall. Wednesday is the lecture at Prana. Saturday Pro Lechi Mama along with other health-promoting organizations are part of Aruba's next Ciclovia, which is a few-hour-long sport event consisting of Zumba, Bike rides, mini-walkathons, stands with info and lots of gatorade (from to De Veer & Sons of course). Of course at the Ciclovia each of us from Pro Lechi Mama at our stand takes a break and I always bring my daughter. Last time I went with my roller blades and we had lots of fun. I also wear her and walk around to inadvertently promote babywearing. My husband and I are also planning on going to the Tarrus Riley concert that night.

On Thursday the 16th of September, we have our monthly breastfeeding support groups at Cas di Partera. They're fun, but just as draining. The 22nd, we have a press conference about the upcoming breastfeeding challenge, and all the fun stuff that comes along with it (endless trips to radio stations, tv-stations, many phone calls and the like).

Of course, ridiculous Wendy didn't have enough to do and so she decided to celebrate International Babywearing Week with a BANG, during the breastfeeding challenge. Sigh... Because I am one of the sole promoters of babywearing on Aruba, I'm teaming up with another party to plan this one. I don't know where I'm gonna pull extra time of energy from to do this...

Oh, and did I mention that I'm also in talks of making a commercial?? I have the quote and everything, all I need is the money. I sat down with a producer and laid down my vision, it's all set. I just need to cough up a lot of money. Of course, shooting with babies and small kids takes a lot of patience and foresight, so I'm pretty surprised to see how it's gonna go. This commercial is becoming reality in October, yes, after the breastfeeding challenge.

I also give weekly prenatal bellydance classes, but, after seeing all this going on, I think I may postpone the classes until mid October or else I'm gonna have a stroke.

Do you also plan on being part of this highly anticipated breastfeeding challenge?

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