Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pro Lechi Mama Aruba's Press Conference and Press Release

As I've blogged about a few days ago, yesterday we finally had our Press Conference and subsequently the Press Release of the Quintessence Foundation Breastfeeding Challenge. The three board members who elaborated on this event were : Minouche Lopez, Wendy Martijn and Sharine Hart.It was cute on the newspaper's behalf to have taken photos of our children that went along with some of us. From left to right top to Bottom, Noortje's Son, Marnix. My daughter Dahlia , Lainne's son Xendrick, and Noortje's daughter Zoe at the bottom (disregard the good looking woman that has only half a body) I must say, I was pretty nervous. Also, I would like to make a correction in a statement I gave about Quintessence Foundation.

* The Quintessence Foundation was established in 1998. And in 2001 the First Breastfeeding Challenge was organized and held.

Here is the Press Release from 24

Note: It is completely in papiamento.

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