Monday, September 21, 2009

Fundashon Pro Lechi Mama Aruba, Quintessence Foundation and World Breastfeeding Week

The other board members and myself from Fundacion Pro Lechi Mama Aruba have had a pretty busy week-and-a-half having meetings constantly all the while trying to balance family life, work life, and somewhat of a social life together with our passion for volunteer work with this non-profit organization.

Why this rush? Well, we decided( a little last minute) to participate for the first time ever in the yearly GLOBAL breastfeeding challenge from Quintessence Foundation. The board is super excited about this idea, and we've been frantically putting things together, arranging, calling, asking and asking and asking. Ofcourse, being a non-profit organization, we rely (A LOT) on sponsors and donations.

So far we have the site arranged which will be Paseo Herencia. They have been super super kind to us to give in to our every whim of how we envision this Challenge to be. We cannot stop extending our gratitude and apreciation for all they have done and will yet do. SO! Tomorrow is the Press Conference to reveal to whole Aruba this event. It's gonna be huge, it's gonna be impacting, it's gonna be attitude altering (hopefully).

What's the purpose of all this shabang? Well, Around the world, mothers struggle to find acceptence and validation where breastfeeding is concerned, and over and over again, women are shoved into a corner, a car and even a bathroom when it comes to breastfeeding in public. This implies that nursing a infant/toddler beyond the privacy of one's own home is wrong. THIS attitude must change. Why can women degrade themselves and walk around on beaches with their breasts out, yet DARE a baby nurse or suckle from that SAME breast, FORGET about it. SCANDAL SCANDAL...what is going on...
Aruba is not to be excluded from this non-accepting mentality. That is why this breastfeeding Challenge is so timely and appropriate.

Now... If I were speaking, I'd be out of breath. I'm very excited, I want to blog about all all all the details but will wait till more stuff is finalized before I begin divulging anything.

On another note, this is my first blog, it's very simple, it's very short. I hope to get more hang of it sooner or later and add more interesting things to it. Grow with me, come along and start from the very beginning with me..

-Wendy Martijn-

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