Monday, December 6, 2010

Introducing CariBirth's new line of carriers - Bella Sophia Carriers!

This past Saturday was the official launching of my business', CariBirth, new line of slings and wraps, name Bella Sophia Carriers. I was filled with excitement as I saw my dream unfold before my eyes. I sat there and watched the seamstress cut each piece of fabric, measure each slings, sew, pleat, sew, turn, sew and then the last threads were gently snipped and  gently lifted off. I was giddy like a teenage girl at the sight of the Backstreet Boys.

I decided to have the wrap, ring and pouch sling made at the same time. I am very pleased at the outcome of all three but if I must choose, I can say the ring sling won my heart. The color, the aesthetic pleats, the thick shoulder part (the first one was done without padding, but padding is available too) and its teasing pink salmon color. I especially love it because the material is very sturdy and trustworthy. The shoulder part was triple enforced to ensure use through many kids and with delicious material like the one used for the Silly Salmon ring sling, washing it will only make it softer each time (hand wash please).

A pouch sling was also made and the material of this one is also very strong, yet light enough to be cool on those hot days. While the fabric was more pricey, I decided never to sacrifice good, strong quality material in exchange for more profit on each sling. I know that when I purchase commercially made slings, the first thing I do when I get it in my hands is to stretch, pull and tug on it. You can rest assured that Bella Sophia fabrics go through the same (if not more!) rigorous testing to ensure the right feel and most importantly, a safe sling you'll want to wear your baby/child in all the time.

Lastly, the wrap. Finding fabric for this baby proved to be a task more formidable than for the other carriers. Fabric too thin makes for a nice cool wrap, but simply cannot stand up to the wear and tug of putting a baby/toddler in it, tying, untying, wiggling, stretching and so forth. A thicker more dense fabric makes for a secure carrier that'll last you a couple of kids but means being warmer in an already hot climate. There I was, like a mad woman feeling, rubbing, tugging and inspecting for the right cloth for my wraps. I finally found one, right in between of the two. My next mission is to find a strong flannel material for stretchy newborn wraps so luxurious you'll want to wear your baby just to feel it on your skin! I've only purchased and used some of the best (and expensive, ouch!) brand wraps on the market that I've used with my own toddler and other young babies. This translates into Bella Sophia Wraps being tested and made with you and your baby in mind

I'm not a seamstress (that's why I hired one!) nor do I profess to know an extreme amount about sewing, but what I do have is experience with and knowledge about is what a good and trustworthy carrier feels and looks like. I could never produce and sell a sling I wasn't comfortable putting my own newborn in. This is the guarantee Bella Sophia Carriers makes to you, because it's from a "mother to mother with love..."


For orders or questions on wraps and slings, give Wendy Maduro a call at 593-4444 or send an email to

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