Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning from women

It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful, strong women I meet day to day in real life and on the internet. I cherish my online birth friends because they are a source of information and stories of tenacity, drive and pure heart. I pay homage to a few of these women who recently made me sit back and reflect in awe.

One of them is a dear Facebook friend, Z, who just gave birth to her fourth child at home. A beautiful, big bouncy boy, not yet named. One of her pictures were so enthralling that I had to share it on my facebook. It was one of her going through a contraction and having her son lay his head on her chest while she surrendered to the work her uterus did. Simply stunning. May I experience half the serenity she did during her labor, and I'd be a lucky mama!

Z focusing completely on her contraction

Another strong mama who gave birth recently and who's going through some rough times is another net-friend of mine. For privacy's sake, I won't go into detail, but, she and I had a conversation today and I just had to tell her how if she felt she needed to rant and rave to someone, that my ears were all hers. Even though her trouble is far more than most of us could bear, she is so strong and fighting through it. I can see in her that she is recognizing her limits but also seeing her pain and dealing with it fittingly. I assured her today that I faithfully believe in the fact that when we do good to others, good will always come back to us, and boy does she deserve it. 

Another mother who I nearly sat and stared in amazement at was a local mother I helped who was experiencing breastfeeding issues. "A" gave birth via c/section to a beautiful son. We had met through a breastfeeding & babywearing class I gave just the week before! She breastfed her children prior to this new addition, as a matter of fact, she nursed twins for 6 months! No easy feat, but certainly worthwhile. She told me that her husband had also been breastfed until he was 4 years old. In any case, this mother had to cope with a toddler set of twins, a new baby, a painful c/section and cracked nipples. Then, she had to be admitted to the hospital where she spent a few days apart from her baby. She pumped dutifully, every three hours, day and night. Now the fear was whether the baby would accept the breast again! She finally went home, and to her utter fortune, the baby went easily from breast to bottle. Her nipples cracked open and healed (once again) and she continued! She has so much milk now that in 5 minutes she can pump 6 ounces on one side! We went through the steps of block feeding and bringing down an oversupply. The baby is now very happy and gaining beautifully. What a trooper!

I feel so humbled and extremely privileged that I have a job that I love, that I do with all my heart. I learn so much from these women, and it fuels my growth and appreciation for the female creation. May the learning never end, and the privilege never stop!

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