Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ode to Dahlia

This poem was written before 16 weeks in my pregnancy

To you, O darling of mine, I will be true
I promise to love, cherish and, take care of you
All my days will be filled with nothing but dedication to you
In the whiles that you sleep..softly I'll weep..at the beauty given to me
The blessing unseen, the void I never knew there had been
My life prior to you, plain and bland
The sheer joy of your presence so grand
even though the size of you so tiny in my hand
I stare and gaze and look with admiration..at the being who ended all my frustration
The one whom I carried day in and day out
The one whom will make me leap for joy and run about
Whether I'd give my life for you is not a question of maybe
You're my first, my darling, my sanity, but above all, you are my baby

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